Confidence is key… But looking good helps!

Do you want to be the best organic vegan cheese maker… then you should LOOK like it.

Build your business to match your view of what it SHOULD be, not what you think it is now.  Put in place all the pieces and framework to build your business to be a success.  It might be as simple as a good business card or sign on your vehicle.

When someone asks you for a business card, are you reluctant to hand one out?  Don’t let bad visuals hurt your business!  Get the most bad-ass cards you can.  Because you want to be a success, so you should look like one.

Every business has phases they go through.  The best way to grow through those phases, is to be aware of your changing business.  Stand back and look at the process you provide for you customer.  For example: If you are embarrassed or uncomfortable by greeting your customer in the lobby of your office, change up your process;  Hire a front office person to greet your customers.  Provide a warm welcoming space that looks like the business you want to be.  Take pride in your business cards you hand out.  See the greatness in the images you post on social media.  Make people remember your company name when they see your building signage.

Take stock of the visual components that represent your company.  If something needs attention or is lagging behind… Change it, upgrade and revitalize to be a VISUAL SUCCESS.

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