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Refreshing Your Packaging Can Build the Value of Your Product and Increase Sales

What We Do

What We Do

Wade Creative

Count on us to push the envelope to create the best for your brand.

Let our branding and marketing experts guide you. We build a team of professionals to fit all your project needs. From cutting edge art direction to social media and digital savvy personnel, we provide the perfect fit for each task so your project breaks through all the noise to become a marketing powerhouse.


Wade Creative has been providing graphic solutions to help business be successful since 1995. Our capabilities include over-all design, marketing planning, copywriting, photography, illustration, branding and production for every facet of packaging and print. We have extensive experience in housewares, food and hardware packaging, periodicals, newsletters, logos, and all aspects of advertising.

Wade Creative also provides solutions for web development, social media and video. Our philosophy is based on helping small and new businesses grow, and by doing so, grow with them. Over the years we have helped several businesses become the top of their industry. Locally and internationally we have pushed products and businesses to their maximum potential.

Check out our project samples for inspiration or read through our blog with helpful design tips that will inspire you.

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Client Reviews

Client Reviews

Wade Creative has built our packaging to stand out above our competitors.  They also provides our customers with private label options that have made Clean Ones one of the nations top selling gloves across store brands.  Clean Ones has been awarded Excellence in Private Label Partnership Programs for 12 years running and Wade Creative has been a big part of our success.
T. McMann
Clean Ones Corp
Wade Creative provided a visual boost for our new product!  With the great design for promoting and packaging Sound pOp, we were able to go beyond what we expected for sales.  And after a couple of years on the market were able to sell the brand altogether.Working with Wade Creative has helped position all of our products in the best retail space.
Tom O'Mara
Our logo and brand look great!  The images bring in the customers we are looking for.  We couldn’t be happier with the results.
Lani Freelander
Hair Therapy Salon
Working with Wade Creative to re-design our logos has been such a fun and seamless process! The results are amazing, and we are excited to re-build our websites around our new logos. Rick is fantastic at collaborating and turning ideas and concepts into a design that reflects your business.
Jason Lewis
Wade Graphic Design is the reason our products are in Walmart!
Sales Rep  - Better Sleep
Rick, you continue to amaze me with your work. I can't be happier with the logo you designed for me and the marketing pieces you've created. Your work has helped me focus on my strengths and it has inspired me to be the very best sales trainer in the Pacific Northwest!
David Harrison
Founder  - Proven Sales Solutions
We have worked with Wade Graphic Design for 20+ years. With our ever changing times, designs and trends rapidly moving in and out.  Rick has been an integral part of keeping our branding and packaging up to date and current with trends and designs. His specific industry knowledge for food and agricultural labeling details is a very specialized area for graphic artists.  Wade Graphic Design is a pleasure to work with, has great communication skills and keeps our projects on time with minimal changes.
Patti Salladay
Northwest Naturals
I moved my business up to Portland, OR. from California in 1994 not knowing a soul. I found Wade Graphic  Design from a display of business cards at a quick print place. I called him up to have our business cards created, and after meeting Rick and seeing what he could do, I began to give him packaging projects for our product. Soon, Wade Graphic Design was doing all of our packaging, literally hundreds of items a year. From 1994 to 2000 my company grew by 300%.  From 2000 to 2010, we grew by 130%. Rick Wade played an integral part in our success thanks to very creative and cutting edge graphics for an industry that was previously very boring. We have never looked back since.
Robert Freelander

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Could Your Brand Use an Update?


Oct 2018
Brand Message

Is it hard to explain what you do or what your business is? Why should someone choose you instead of a competitor?  Do people “get” what you are about? Even when you have a great logo and branding elements that are clearly recognized, your message might still be lost.  Be sure you have a clear understanding of who your audience is and how to speak to them.  From that you can formulate a solid Brand Message.  It needs to work with all of your visual elements and provide a written statement of what makes your business or product something your customer needs.  That focus on your audience will help you Read more

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Aug 2018
Position your product

Is your product being sold to the right consumer? Your great product might be in the best store, in the best area and on the right shelf. But if your target customer can’t see it’s benefits or understand what your product is, then it might as well be under the pile of potatoes in the produce section. This simple Positioning of your product is an understanding of who your target customer is, then providing graphics and information that speaks to them. If you want to be in the best store, your product should look like it belongs there. Then be sure to tell your ideal customer why they need your Read more

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Jul 2018
Branding Explained

Your logo is only a part of your brand. It is easy to think that after you create a great logo that you can slap that icon everywhere; on business cards, the side of your building, trucks and on social media… then you can let that icon live out in the world to make you look good and increase your business.  But, your brand is not only your logo, but how that logo works with everything else your business does. Does your logo work and look the same on everything you produce? Your brand is the MESSAGE on everything your business produces.  This message should be a clear representation of Read more

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Jul 2018
Type Casting 3

For a logo project, it may be easier to use only a font as inspiration to build your icon from.  If your logo is ABC, for example, you can create custom letter forms yourself as your logo.  If you do base your logo on a specific typeface, you might consider purchasing that font for later use within your branding material.  With this in mind, there is an opportunity to find a complimentary font that works with your logo and branding.  A simple san serif font (a straight, block typeface) works well with a script font.  Be sure not to cram too many fonts into one project, that can make your Read more

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Jun 2018
Type Casting 2

There are several great font providers for you to choose from.  It might be tempting to grab a cheap or free font and be done with it.  But not all fonts are created equal.  A free font might not have all the elements you need to produce a text heavy document or advertising project.  Always check the additional elements and weights available with a font you download. Some free or cheaper fonts might only be available in ALL CAPITALS.  This might be great if you want to YELL at your potential customers or create an all caps logo.  It is worth the extra cost to get the same font in Read more

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