I am sure you explain your business very well when you meet a potential client or customer in person. The moment you leave, the first thing they might do, is go look at your website for more information.

Do you have something there for them to see?

Do not get bogged down by thinking you need to have a 15 page website with posts about everything from plant care to outer space. Think of this as an opportunity to show what you do best. Just a simple one page brochure-type web page can make a big difference. One or two clean photos, a company bio and as many reviews as you can get your hands on is a great start.

Leave the personal family photos for Facebook, but be sure to shout out your website on social media outlets too. Even your brother’s, friend’s cousins’ room-mate might need your product or service… and what better way to get business than a recommendation from your family. Just be sure you have a website that tells your potential customer how they can buy your product or service.

Simple messages are the easiest messages for your customers to understand and follow.