A Written Promise

That one line under your logo, pinned to your office wall, and maybe at the top of your letterhead.  That line of text that tells people what your company stands for.


This bit of wording is not just a representation of your business, but a promise to your potential customers.  What you want said about your business and it’s values needs to be stated in this Tag Line.  To make this promise real in the eyes of your consumers, it has to be stated in a certain way.

A simple key message describing your brand’s context in words that are easy to remember, understand, without fluff and easily shared.

Keep in mind, what you say about your company should represent not where you are, but where you want to be.  The positioning of your business is important as well as how you want to be perceived.   If you have a tag line or are creating one, don’t get mired in where you are now… look forward into the potential of where you want to be.  Create a clear written image that separates you from the others in your category and provides your potential consumer with a reason to choose you.

Be inspired and inspire those around you with your message.  Then, I PROMISE, your company will grow!