How was your Holiday Season this year?

We have some clients that put together gift boxes with a set of products that would make a great gift.  What a great idea… Right?

They did not sell well… why?  All the right elements were there;  Colorful holiday packaging, Great products, Great price, Even a custom gift tag.  So why did no one care to buy them?

Gifts are something thoughtful and personal from one person to another.  Buying a prepackaged gift box-o-stuff is not personal and feels cheap no matter the product.

There are other ways to present a great product that can be perfect for a holiday gift.    Ross stores are a good example to follow when putting something like this together.  Ross believes the search or hunt for the perfect item is as important as the item purchased itself.  That is why you only see one or two of any product on their store floor… sometimes literally “on the floor”.

Next time you have a chance to sell your products around the holidays, present that same shopping experience.  Let the shopper discover some of the great items you have to sell that would fit their needs.  Give them a stocking or other festive container that they can personally fill with products that speak to their gift list.

Other great holiday product offerings are free-bees, Christmas colored promotional pieces that advance your brand and become a small part of someones gift.  These could include ribbons, plush toys, or oniments.

When is the best time to start working on holiday and Christmas packaging or promotions?

Well if you are reading this in November, you are too late for this year.  If you do have ideas for great holiday items, be sure to jot them down for next summer.  It is hard to think about Christmas in July, but that is the best time to prepare for the holidays.  Put aside the BBQ ribs and set down your umbrella-ed drink.  Look at the notes you had from last Christmas and put into motion your best ideas to keep your brand in the minds of your customers.

Remember to leave time to enjoy the holidays.  Let your friends and family know how much you care for them and spend time with the people you love.  Planning early can help you relax and enjoy the festive season, and look great doing it.