Does your logo have a healthy glow?

When dealing with color for a logo, it is always a good idea to consider how the logo will be used.  Your logo should work on a dark or light background and should be created including a dark and light option.  Don’t fall in love with a color because it looks good on white.  Think about how that color would look on dark gray too, or on a giant sign on the side of your building.  Take a logical approach to your color selection and don’t pick something just because it is pretty… there are reasons something is pretty.   Take the time to find out what that is.

If you do like the color combo of something you see, look at it objectively and try to discern why you like what you see.  Combinations of colors will tell stories as well as single colors.  Some examples are:
Red White and Blue; how much do you want to show the love your country?
Pink and light Blue; there is a reason light blue is called “baby” blue.
Yellow and black stripes;  warning signs and stinging bees
Red Green and White;  Merry Christmas

Color combos can quickly push your product or brand into a high end boutique or simply place you into the discount bin.  Gold, or silver on black can work nice, but also can limit the readability of your message.  It is always nice to keep a design on black as simple as possible and try to hold good contrast against the darkness.  Dark blue on white is a go to combo for anything that needs a generic retail look.  Pop a red call out onto the blue and white and your customer will look at the price tag first… then ask for a discount.  High end sports brands will gravitate towards grays with warm tones to create a corporate brand that will get your blood pumping.

Stay tuned for more about color and how to make it sell for you.