Fashions change quickly and what you see as a progressive and strong color today, may look weak and old next year.  Some industries spend millions each year researching colors.  Take advantage of that research. For example, pay attention to colors used on next years high end cars.  Mercedes, Ford and VW don’t just use something that is pretty for their new $50,000 cars.  Or, if you are looking for a color that lasts generations, maybe look at what people are painting their houses.

Pantone is considered the color standard for advertising and fashion.  They create guides to keep ink and material colors consistent throughout every aspect of production and print.  Pantone also creates pallets that they consider trends for upcoming years for many different industries.  They have a “color of the year” that is considered a go-to color for the retail industry.  Visiting their website can provide you with some insight on trends in your industry.   They are, yet another great asset to take advantage of when picking colors for your logo or next product line.

For a logo project, it is always good to start with black and white.  Create something with the best contrast you can.  Make the shapes and message exactly what you want, then you can start introducing color.  Apply the extremes of color to your icon… bright to muted, earthy to vibrate.  Then look at your choices with an eye on trends and how that color will hold up over time.  Your logo color will send a message to viewers, make sure that message is the one you want.

There are several great colors out in the world and nothing will stand out more than the color you use on your logo.  Work with your Graphic Designer to discover the perfect colors to use with your brand.