There are several great font providers for you to choose from.  It might be tempting to grab a cheap or free font and be done with it.  But not all fonts are created equal.  A free font might not have all the elements you need to produce a text heavy document or advertising project.  Always check the additional elements and weights available with a font you download.

Some free or cheaper fonts might only be available in ALL CAPITALS.  This might be great if you want to YELL at your potential customers or create an all caps logo.  It is worth the extra cost to get the same font in upper and lower case for additional copy to insert into your advertising.  The added value of having bold and italic options for your font is also well worth the extra cash.

The first order of business when login onto a font website, should be to use your brand name and text you want to use within your search.  If your business name is Chucks Chickens, you should look at fonts with the sample text as Chucks Chickens.  The “C” for one font might look amazing while another looks more like a “G”.

Keep your message as simple and easy to read as possible  so, your brand will be remembered.

Stay tuned for more about working with type.