Connecting with people has evolved from a handshake and coffee meeting into a website profile and email introduction.

It becomes very easy to sound cold and salesy when your voice is only text on a screen.

Graphic design can be a great asset for these connections.  Building your profile on InDeed or LinkedIn can be pushed into a more warm and human expression with images and design.

Of course a profile pict of yourself is a must, but maybe include alternate images of yourself too.  Get images of you “in-action” in your ideal working environment.  Spend some time getting the images you want to show off, and remember this is not a personal ad.  Be professional, provide a professional polished look.

When you do have the chance to meet prospective clients and customers in person be sure to have business cards close by.  Make sure your cards are something you are proud of.   If you are reluctant to hand out a business card or embarrassed by the look of them, it shows.  You might need to up your branding game a bit.  If you are not confident about how your business looks, it is difficult for anyone else to have confidence in your business.

The personal touch is nice and it is always great to meet face to face.  Keep in mind though, that after meeting someone, they may go online and look at your social media or web presence to get more information.  Keep those parts of your business tight and treat them like business employees.  Provide consistent uniforms, and be sure they have the same message when speaking to customers.

There are bits of you all over the place online. Be sure they are all what you want people to see.  Keep connecting in person and online to build a strong network.