Be my friend… Please!… Pretty Please!…  Pretty Please with a coupon on top!

More and more your customers are viewing your business and brand as a friend.  A warm reminder of comforting goodness.

How is your relationship status looking?

Like your personal everyday appearance your business brand needs to keep up a fresh up to date look to attract the right people.  You might need a make-over or maybe a nice new pair of shoes.  Elements of your brand that are out in the public need to keep looking good.  The things to look out for are social media time lines, website blogs, packaging, shipping boxes and vehicles.  These are all pieces of your business that the public interact with everyday, so keep them tight with a new hair cut or sharp pressed suit.

Don’t be afraid to try adding a few bright accessories to your brand outfit.  That splash of color that makes everything pop will grab attention.  Sometimes that splash can turn into a wave of garish goop, so watch the reaction you get from the public when adding something new.  Social media will quickly give you hints if you just ask… But don’t get your feelings hurt when trying something new.  The new and different are what attracts attention and can end up working a trend to your advantage.  The perfect scenario is a trend started by your new and different hat you put on.

Go find that special someone out there that is looking for your product or service and don’t be afraid to hand out a coupon to ensure that second sale.