A GOOD design idea is born from inspiration.  GREAT ideas hit like lightening.  The BEST ideas take time.

While sitting in the first meeting with a client, I am often asked what great idea I have for their business.  There can be immediate ideas that occur just from a quick overview of a businesses needs and current situation, but those ideas are like smoke… It cannot be held onto and will fade.

There are exceptions, where sparks of ideas might flare-up during a first meeting , but those sparks will need to be fanned into a flame to grow into something more.

The best branding design for a company needs to be born from research and development.  The images representing a company need to convey that companies Needs and Wants.  Knowing that, we need to look at competition, market, and trends to better understand what designs can best serve.  Only after evaluating those aspects will the ideas start to ignite into a raging fire of colors and shapes that will provide future direction and success.

As a business looking at design examples of logos and images for your company, try to understand where you want your business to go. This will allow you to evaluate what is needed more clearly.  Think of your business plan and mission statement.  Do the images you are working with fulfill what is outlined in your mission?  What are your competitors doing with their visuals?  How do you choose the colors you want to use?    Color trends and what colors represent within the culture you work in, are very important.

Begin with a flash of lightening and let the process produce the best visuals to represent your company.

Together we can take the time to build a clear understanding of your business and a design will easily lift out of the smoke.

Contact us today and we can find the Best idea for you!