Where do your customers see your business logo?

There are always business cards, websites and the plaque on your desk.  But, where SHOULD your logo be seen?  Your business should be in front of your potential customers!  Find out what your customers are reading, where they are going, who they are talking to.  Then put your logo and message where they can’t miss it.

You don’t need to brake the bank or take out a loan to advertise.  Magazine ads can be expensive, but local newsletters are a bargain.  Posters at your local coffee shop can inspire a phone call.  Social media give-always can start a great conversation. Get creative with some gorilla marketing, and be sure to play into your business strengths… and keep it professional.  The best way to loose customers is to post strange comments on facebook at 2:00 AM.  Be careful and professional out there.

Use your marketing and advertising like bread crumbs that lead right to your doorstep.  Small little bits of consumable information about your business and brand will be picked up. Then, when your customer needs your product or service, your brand will be the first that comes to mind.

Contact us and let us know what is working and not working for you.  We love to help build success stories.