Let’s not beat around the bush… you want to sell your product or service and so do I.  The best clients and customers you get are from referrals.  You trust your friends and what they think about products and services.  Every survey I have ever taken has that one question;  Would you recommend us to your friends.

Your referrals are very powerful, so don’t give them out lightly.  A “like” or “Retweet” on social media, although very nice, is not a referral.  When you go out of your way to bring up something you like about a product or person to a friend… that is a referral.  With the online community that you have growing around you, it becomes easy to find referrals to great products and services. But nothing beats the direct interaction with a friend that starts out with,  “where did you get those?”.

Are you building the material you need to be a good referral?  It is all about your message and how easy it is to find.  Try to make it easy for people to tell others who you are and what you do.  I am a graphic designer who loves to help people sell more and be successful.  I try to make myself accessible and easy to contact…

So, tell me who you are.  Contact me here. Send along a bit about yourself or your product and allow me to become a referral generator for you.  Just reference this design tip and feel free to share your website so that I can easily send people your way.  Like you, I am not going to give out referrals for just random stuff… so I look forward to hearing about your great product or service.