What is your favorite color?
Why is it your favorite color and would it be the best color to use for your brand?  There is a lot that can be told by what color you use on your company logo and packaging.  Your favorite color might send the wrong message to your potential customer… maybe even scare them away.

There are a lot of factors that make up the perfect color to use on your logo.  Some of these factors could be based on your product, the material it is made of and your audience.  Always keep in mind who you want to appeal to.  You want to be sure the color you choose is “their” favorite.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about colors in general:
Red is a very aggressive color and can represent strength, but also can appear cheap because of it’s over use for discounted retail items.
Green can work in several ways depending on other surrounding factors.  Green is nature, money and mold.  It is very difficult to use green on packaging for some food items because of the look of mold… works nice with vegetables but not baked goods or meat products.
Yellow is the brightest color you should use on any branded material.  If you are going to use yellow, do not use much because of the focus it demands.  A dot of yellow on black is a beacon of light in a storm.  Yellow is also hard to use with food stuffs, never use yellow with chicken and the wrong tone of yellow with dairy will turn your product sour.
Blue is a strong retail color and when providing a product in several colors, always include a blue within the mix.  Blue plays well with most any color except when in close with Red… this can produce a 3D effect without the 3D glasses.   You might not want to give a headache to your potential customer.
Orange is a color of safety along with Yellow, and when used with a dark contrasting color like black, it can stand out and demand attention.  Use Orange with gray and you can provide a safe comfortable image.

Stay tuned for more about color and how to make it sell for you.

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