When I first started pulling together information about zero waste and planet friendly packaging I thought I was going to get really mad.

Everyone hears about how the world is filling with plastic and blobs of garbage are floating around our oceans.  But, there are really great things happening in the world of design and packaging!

I get a lot of customers asking for recycled packaging and products.  I see clients working hard to source material that is earth friendly.  It is getting easier and less expensive to do good things for the planet.  Big companies are listening to you, the consumer, and trying to create Zero-Waste products.

Companies like Olay are introducing refillable containers for their products.  Grocery stores like Trader Joes are  improving packaging to eliminate plastics altogether.   P&G has dedicated 1/2 of their website to show off how they are reaching towards 100% zero manufacturing waste by 2020. Plastic straws will soon become a thing of the past.  There are really great things going on that not only eliminate waste, but provide quality, long lasting products. Check out how 4 major brands are going for Zero-Waste (Here).

Look forward to a kitchen filled with personalized and elegantly designed refillable packaging.  Some day soon…