We are all working through this pandemic differently.  Restaurants and Retail are forever changed.  Even after the curve hits the other side and some sort of normality returns, the world around us is going to be forever different.  How the world looks will depend on what we do now.  Businesses are Pivoting their approach to advertising and sales.  Heroes are arising out of the medical field.  Grocery store workers are the infantry on the front lines.  Delivery drivers seem to be the only people on the road along with the truckers that supply our everyday life.  I have seen a world that has slowed down to allow for these changes to take place.

Now is the time to support the businesses you believe in, help your neighbors, and distance yourself physically but not mentally.  Reach out to everyone you know and let them know you are okay, and that you are there for them.  If you are struggling, reach out to everyone you know and let them know you need help.  Now is not the time to be proud and hold back the knowledge of the rough conditions you may be working through.  Humanity is built with compassion and hope.  Be sure to find your hope and let that comfort you through these times.

Communities have shrunk down to very small groups that find it easier to help each other.  Friends that you have only available through Face Book seem so far away… and they are.  But, my hopes are that this world wide pandemic, will bring the world closer together than ever before.  We all have a shared story and history that now includes this virus.  Let’s build our bridges, reach out to someone you have never met, and be open to new cultures.

We are all suffering
We can all comfort.

History of adversity

We have been working in the Graphics and Packaging industry through some pretty wild times over the years.  This current, ever changing, pandemic is something new and disturbing.  I believe we can work together to get through this.

Wade Creative is still open for business and will continue to provide graphic solutions for our clients.  Safety is of the utmost importance, for ourselves and our customers.  We want to keep everyone healthy while providing support and services to those who need it.  If we can provide any digital or print services, please do not hesitate to call 971-207-2430 or email rick@wadegraphicdesign.com.  We will provide everything digitally or with free delivery throughout this crisis.

Thank you very much, we appreciate all that you do and wish you the best in this difficult time.

If it is a hardship to budget for your project, we can work with you to defer our production costs or provide less expensive options to get your business through this disruption.  A lot of people are trying to keep this “business as usual”… but the reality of the situation is going to provide roadblocks to that route.   Let’s meet those pitfalls together and find the best way forward.