The sun still rises, the seasons change, you still need groceries and Christmas is just around the corner. All of these things and more cross my mind every day. They did before Covid 19, but now, they take on a whole new way of thinking. Of course, I don’t think the sun is not going to come up one morning… but you never know. 2020 has been that kind of year, so it might start snowing in September as we watch the sun blink out.

I know we are all trying to continue our everyday life and at least act normal. Your world may have only changed a little or it may have been turned up-side-down. Businesses as well, are adjusting everyday to try and find a level. Manufacturing has adjusted to fit the new types of demands we need. Services, which in the past have been a simple endeavor, are now considered hazardous work. New businesses are arising and existing businesses are adjusting.

Planing for the future is tougher than ever. A lot of businesses are in a wait-and-see mode. But six months into a pandemic, a presidential election rolling up on us, while protests and racial tension are at a peak, we need to plan NOW for what our future needs. There are positive changes you can make to your business that will help position yourself for a positive, hopeful future.

  • Right now, flu season is just about to start across the US. That means more social distancing and the continued use of face masks. If your business is one of the many hard hit by the pandemic, you have already made several changes to keep afloat. The short term for a lot of manufacturing has turned to producing PPE equipment, hand sanitizer, and home education support materials. This year will see the largest amount spent on back-to-school than ever. Families are spending on computers, home school supplies and even clothes (need to look good at the kitchen table). We are also seeing partnerships with non-profits to help feed the people in need and providing added support for those out of work.
  • One of the best pieces of advice that I have ever received is; ‘Never talk to your clients about politics or taxes.’ The country is in such a divided state, that it is easy to know how someone stands politically without asking. No matter the outcome of the November election, change is on the horizon. The divide between the nation is going to need repair. We all should focus on how we can make this nation come together in a positive way. Pointing at the cracks in the foundation and blaming someone else, needs to end. We need to take ownership of our country, with it’s cracks and all.
  • There is only one side of the Black Lives Matter movement. If you have not already put in place your stance on the issue of racism, that should be a priority. The only way the human race can continue, is to come to the realization that we are all human, all with the same responsibility to support one another equally.

We all need to roll with the changes that are occurring around the world. Be sure your business and the companies you work with are planing accordingly. Your brand can be seen as one of the shining lights of hope that we need right now and in the future.