The new brand relationship that you have with your customers has changed.

How is your business finding customers while still remaining 6 feet apart?

Don’t get your message muddled while speaking through your mask, and don’t hand out a business card…. eeeeeyyyywwwh germs gross.

Even when you have a great logo and branding elements that are clearly recognized, your message might still be lost. Be sure you have a clear understanding of who your audience is and how to speak to them. That focus on your audience will help you speak directly to them. Your strategy won’t work if you are trying to be all things to all people, so keep focus.

Now with the new world of Covid-19 and it’s future cousins, we need to take that focus to a new place. Where are your customers looking? Most are looking on-line and asking the robots from Google and Facebook to find them products. Now is a good time to throw money at your on-line advertising. Be sure to have the branded elements you need to populate your Google page and the right sized pieces to post on Facebook and Insta.

With all the branding pieces together; Logo, Tag Line, Brand Guidelines, and Brand Message you will have ammunition to sell. Build a library, or package of these elements that you can distribute to your sales team and advertisers. Get everyone on the same page to keep your message clear. This package will also provide a focus that can bring you back if you start to stray from your message as time goes on.

With a strong message you can inspire and create great brand relationships long after that first introduction.

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