Your logo is only a part of your brand.

It is easy to think that after you create a great logo that you can slap that icon everywhere; on business cards, the side of your building, trucks and on social media… then you can let that icon live out in the world to make you look good and increase your business.  But, your brand is not only your logo, but how that logo works with everything else your business does.

Does your logo work and look the same on everything you produce?
Your brand is the MESSAGE on everything your business produces.  This message should be a clear representation of what your business is, and it should be the same on everything.  Nothing hurts a business more than confusing your costumer.  It’s pretty simple, just tell your customer what you want them to do!  You can do this with text, colors and graphic elements.

Think of your brand as an individual that works for you.  This employee is out talking to people on social media, on the street and in meetings.  Do you know what your brand is saying about your business?

Your brand employee should wear a uniform that shows people the type of representative they are.   This uniform is a set of guidelines that are well thought out, with sharp easy to understand messages.   Set the right guidelines for your brand that get the customers you want!